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MintsApp 2.0 Review

MintsApp 2.0 is a new concept App for generating leads which was designed to direct people to what the visitor want and in doing that help you generate leads and get you sales. MintsApp 2.0 helps to setup different types of polls and ratings on Facebook. The MintsApp first version had a great response last year and this is the new improved version with easy to use features.  Precious Ngwu done a great job as usual, MintsApp is another winner in his products list. I got my early bird offer and glad to write my honest review in this post. Here is the snap shot:

Snapshot of MintsApp 2.0

Product Name: MintsApp 2.0

Authors : Precious Ngwu

Product Line : Internet Marketing Tool

Launch Date : 27th March, 2016

Target Audience : Internet Marketers

Price: Front end – $37 to $97

MintsApp 2.0  OTO #1: Platinum version – $67 – $197

MintsApp 2.0 Perfomance Pack OTO #2: $99 to $199

MintsApp 2.0 OTO #3: Viral Traffic Engine – $77

MintsApp 2.0 OTO #4: ReClick Bundle – $99

MintsApp 2.0 OTO #3: Full Agency Kit $197 – $447

Official Page : Visit MintsApp 2.0


>>Click here to see the live demo of MintsApp 2.0

MintsApp 2.0 uses cloud based platform with a unique marketing technology called customer-driven funnels that allows you to  interact and engage with your customers in  a manner that is technically designed to  increase your number of leads and sales that helps you to grow your business.

The name customer-driven funnels because unlike the other methods where you force your customers to buy  a certain product, but this new method puts the power in the hands  of your customers giving them the  opportunity to choose exactly what is being  sold to them and how they’re being sold to,  moreover it includes your audience in the  entire sales process and that’s the magic of it as it instantly builds rapport and trust.

Features and Benefits of MintsApp 2.0

MintsApp 2.0 has the reason to buy because it has unique features and benefits that you don’t want to miss it in your marketing arsenal.

  1. You can create attention grabbing Polls and customer-driven funnels and let the audience engaged with your offers
  2. These type of funnels converts like crazy than any other funnel structure
  3. Binary Campaigns allows you to split test over and over before rolling out a new funnel design
  4. Classic Mints Campaigns is the most powerful and profitable money maker only in this new version
  5. Classic polling model will give you better results than any other models
  6. Quick customer ratings and star ratings are the more important elements that have been pre-tested and pre-positioned to enormously increase interaction
  7. Engage your audience with opinion polls on your websites/blogs/eCom stores etc. so you don’t lose another visitor, easily sell your products and collect buying leads
  8. Interact with your audience by getting comments and feedback and take your marketing to a whole new level
  9. With the new Post Vote Action (PVA) technology you’ll be able to offer discounts, coupons and special offers etc. which is a perfect option for eCommerce offers, physical products and for local business too
  10. Build your email list with Super-charged ready to buy customers every single day using mints app as your personal lead generation machine
  11. Allow your audience to share the content with social networks and instant viral traffic to your offers
  12. Mints App 2.0 is a professionally designed pixel-perfect User Interface coming with cloud based platform
  13. and many more… that you don’t want to miss.

How Mints App 2.0 works?

Watch this video for a detailed demo of MintsApp 2.0:

>> Click here to Learn more about Mints App 2.0

What you get with Mints App 2.0?

Once you signed up to Mints App 2.0 you can get instant access to your account and start creating your campaigns instantly. If you act fast you get life-time access to this incredible marketing tool.

If you want to create more aggressive and addictive funnels which gives 10 x times more audience engagement than the front end and sell your products faster with Mints App I strongly recommend the upsell Platinum version will help you to achieve your goals. The upsell number two performance pack is also have loads of features that will helps you in creating customer driven funnels.

The third one in the funnel “Viral Traffic Engine” enables you to include social media sharing to your offers and landing pages. The fourth one is “ReClick Bundle” is an another product of Precious which is a Facebook re-marketing tool. Both of these upsells are worth investing.

The last one in the funnel is “Full Agency kit”. If you are willing to resell Mints App 2.0 then this one is strongly recommended, as this app is in demand marketing tool everyone is crazy to get their hands in this app. So this is going to be a profitable investment.

Pros and Cons of Mints App 2.0

Even though there are lots and lots of such apps and tools available in the market but all those are missing many features that are in Mints App 2.0. After testing with our campaign in my opinion it boosts the conversions and it takes no more than couple of minutes to set it up.

Only downside is a direct embedding option into the Facebook is missing and it has to be done via sharing your pages which does the trick mostly. Over all, Mints App 2.0 is a great app and definitely a good one to pick up.


Mints App 2.0 is the same platform that has helped more than 5,000 marketers and business owners in the past 6 months by interacting and engaging over 1.6 million customers worldwide. This performance based engagement has returned over 480,000 email leads and over $2.6 million in revenue allowing many of it’s users to build 5 to 6 figure businesses literally overnight using it, these results are all over the place.

Now this is action time. If you are serious about increasing your leads and profit you have to act fast because price is going to increase anytime. So act fast by clicking the big button here:


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MintsApp 2.0 Review

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MintsApp 2.0 is a cloud-based software that uses a unique marketing technology called customer-driven funnels allowing you to interact and engage with your audience in a manner that is technically designed to increase your number of leads and sales

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