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LoveClaw Review

Love Claw is just now launched by Chris Munch,  a brand new revolutionary  emotional social button.  Love Claw is the world’s first Emotional Traffic Technology (ETT) that takes online business to a whole new level and works 350% more effectively than the Like Button.

Social traffic and search traffic are the two main source of traffic for online business so more social likes gives better ranking signals (more likes = better ranking signals), Facebook’s Like Button plays a vital role in social button than any other mainstream social buttons, because FB like buttons taps into something the social buttons don’t.

A case study video by Chris Munch:

 >>> Click here to Check out the Official LoveClaw website

Why is LoveClaw so special?

Since already the buzz is around on this new social plugin people are asking “Why is LoveClaw so special?”

LoveClaw allows your visitors to LIKE your content on Facebook while doing it in a whole new way…getting you more social sharing, more Google trust, and more TRAFFIC.

You’re asking How?

Before, you shared the content with your Facebook friends with the mindset that you LIKE what you are sharing.  Let’s face it, whenever you clicked “LIKE” you did it because it was cool, or you agreed with it.  I mean, the button says LIKE right?  🙂

Well, LoveClaw is now making people SHARE content to their Facebook with OTHER opinions and OTHER views…for example, this SUCKS or I DON’T AGREE…so visitors click the button and type what they want about it and then goes to their Facebook. It looks like this, Loveclaw asks your site visitors how they FEEL about the products or an offer (e.g. Like It, Love It, I am Getting One!, this is not For Me)

And this WILL make MORE people share YOUR stuff to their Facebook,  getting your more social interaction and more traffic!

It really is that simple and genius.  And that’s why G + did NOT work.  Site visitors are emotionally connected behind what they click on and what they don’t. And EMOTION is behind not only what you click on, but what you purchase and what you don’t.

So, I hope you have a slightly better understanding of why I think this tools rocks. Need a concrete example as to how I would use this?  OK no problem. Let’s say you have an affiliate site with reviews on smart phones.  On your reviews you put three buttons:

One says:  “I have this phone, it rocks!”

One says “I’m interested in this phone, who knows more info?”

One says “I have this phone, it sucks!”

And then when visitors click it they will type what they want about it and then share the link and their thoughts to Facebook.  Make sense?  Like I said, simple and genius and will work quite well for you. To make it simple Love claw is just like a good, friendly sales assistant because you are directly connecting with your visitors instantly!

As you know recommendations from a friend are taken more seriously than anything else, so you will make more and more sales too!

If you get into this today, the Loveclaw software’s creator Chris Munch will even hold a free traffic training webinar, he shows you how to get 1,000 new visitors to YOUR site in 7 Days!

If you want to see more about it click the button here:


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