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GIG Prospector is a brand new outsourcing software that helps to extract all the best outsourcing gigs from the largest outsourcing job site Fiverr.com,  in other words  GIG Prospector finds the best workers gig from this site with the push of a button. This is an awesome outsourcing software created by Sam England and Matt Green.  I’m writing my unbiased review here.

The number one thing responsible for allowing me to grow and scale my income to a higher level is Outsourcing! When I first started outsourcing things started changing in my business for better. I was making more money  and spending less time.  The problem I was facing before outsourcing was that I was working insane hours during the week. I was grinding and killing myself to get so many things done.  Sound familiar? Once I started outsourcing I literally cut my work time in half and really started to see some solid results.

At first I started using Fiverr and then I started hiring people for part time and full time work. Finding reliable people to free up your  time and still make money is one of the great luxuries of being an online marketer. Wouldn’t you agree?

Fiverr, is responsible for allowing myself, as well as thousands of other marketers,  to outsource our business and make more money, without actually having to do the work ourselves.  It’s an absolute pain in the ASS to find
reliable vendors who don’t have 258 orders in their queue. It seems like all the good vendors are taken. Sometimes, it takes me over half an hour to find someone who I feel comfortable hiring that can deliver on time.

Finally I think I found a solution to this problem after buying GIG Prospector. Now I NEVER spend more than 5 minutes looking for reliable fiverr vendors. GIG Prospector allows you to tap into Fiverr to build your own personal outsourcing army, on a whole new level! With the power of a simple search algorithm, Gig Prospector delivers you the best and highest rated fiverr vendors in just 3 clicks of a mouse!

Click here to Download GIG Prospector

How GIG Prospector Works?

GIG Prospector is an Adobe air application that works both on Windows an Mac and so its very fast and easy to use. Now I’m able to shrink my own to do list in one day, just by outsourcing all the works quick and for only $5 each! So if you want to outsource your web design works, virtual assistants, SEO works etc. then Gig prospector is the best choice!

Once you installed Gig prospector just enter a keyword or enter a task and then click a button, within seconds it returns the best gigs that fit your criteria and shows all the pertinent details you need all in an easy to scan format. It not only stops with that it also gives the gig ratings and how many they have in queue! With Gig Prospector you can:

  • Save huge hours of time by finding the best and highest rated gigs
  • Cut down the risk of only getting the best gigs
  • It Eliminates stress and helps you save hours and hours of time by outsourcing hard stuff to the pro’s just for $5
  • and much much more…

Gig Prospector is the most exciting software I’ve seen and used in some times and I know it will help you become so productive, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it! Gig Prospector is for everyone – Affiliate Marketers, Product Creators, Kindle Authors, Coaches, Traffic Masters, Offline Consultants And More!

If you want to cut the tedious works by outsourcing and save your time and make more money then you’ll want to get your hands on GIG Prospector TODAY! I do have to warn you because the price is going up on every sale so you’ll want to act fast to get it at the best possible price.

Gig ProspectorClick here to Download GIG Prospector

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