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Countdown Monkey Review

Countdown Monkey was launched on 14th January 2014 by Simon and Jeremy Gislason and its already getting raving reviews by top marketers for its scarcity principle.  They are launching top quality products every time. Countdown Monkey is a genius app that can be used in any sales pages, product launches, one time offers etc. If you want to get more sales and leads for quicker and easier than ever before then you must have an account with Countdown monkey.

Nowadays as we move with technology, a majority of users that is around 89% of the internet users  are buyers online and it has been increasing multi fold day by day. Hence, it has become the onus of the owner to take care or to convert the potential visitors into customers before the end of the day. There are many tricks to do this and one of the newest and a potential trick is by bringing a scarcity among the users using a countdown timer into the page. This timer would induce the customer to make his or her thinking faster and decide on the purchase of the product instantly.

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Countdown Monkey is one such product that delivers you the world’s best countdown timer. Testimonies of Countdown Monkey proves that after using this product, the conversion rate has been drastically increasing day by day especially during the fag end of the countdown.

Watch the demo video here:

>> Click here to Get Instant Access to Countdown Monkey

Features of Countdown Monkey

Since Countdown Monkey is a countdown timer tool, the software by itself possesses the quality of time saving. The mind-blowing features of the products include the following but not limited to

  • Use it without installing any script or plugin
  • Independency among browsers
  • Date & Evergreen feature
  • Flexible Expiry option
  • Create Unlimited Active Countdowns
  • Bonuses along with the product

The Countdown Monkey is an web-based app you can simply login to your private members account and create countdowns inside your account   without any download or installations. All you have to do is to login using your credentials and start using it. A heavy time saving tool isn’t it?

How Countdown Monkey works?

Countdown Monkey works on all browsers and mobile devices and it has a native support to HTML formats. So no need of worrying about conversion and rendering of web pages across machines. The Countdown Monkey offers two options of setting up the time, one is date wise and other is evergreen. The date wise option allows you to set time zone and start/end the countdown as per the time zone. Using the evergreen option, you setup the option once for countdown and the plugin would get updated automatically without any interruption. You can also use the flexible expiry options to setup the countdown without editing the page.

Where it can be used?

It can be used in:

  • Sales Pages
  • One Time Offers
  • Surveys & Polls
  • Product Launches
  • Competitions
  • Squeeze pages
  • Affiliate bonus page
  • Any call to action kind of pages

Along with the product purchase, the purchasers is also entitled to receive two bonus values that includes tactics, boosters, enhancers and statements. You’ll get these must have bonuses:

  1. The Order Boosters special report contains 27 Ways To Create Urgency And Get People To Buy Now!..
  2. Scarcity Profits video course access – it teaches you sell more and faster with the most effective sales tactics.

Pricing of Countdown Monkey

The special launch pricing of Countdown Monkey is live on the website and users can get whopping discounts before the launch period ends. The Lifetime offer itself is being given away at just $27 per product.  Once the launch offer expires, customers have to shed out a premium of $9.95/month. SO grab the launch offer now, Cool isn’t? So what are you waiting for?

WARNING: Since this is a launch offer you must act now to get it for a measly lowest one-time price, this offer may be closed very soon and after that it will be available only with monthly or annual subscription. So be smart and get it right away by click the big button:


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Review Overview

Value for Money
Evergreen Countdowns
Use on Any Websites
Increases Conversions

Skyrocket your Conversions

Countdown Monkey is a genius app that can be used in any sales pages, product launches, one time offers etc.

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