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60 Days to 1k Review

60 Days to 1k is going to be launched on 12th May, 2014 by Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton & Tim Godfrey. They are the top mentors who created the The Trinity Code which is a high ticket membership system. Their courses are high quality so they allow only limited seats, those who act fast can get into their new program called 60 Days to 1k. The pre-launch is going to be on 9th May those who optin on pre-launch period have a chance to grab their spot before others. The Trinity code was targeted with 1000 members but it was sold out within seven days even though it was priced @ $2,500. I’m not sure how many spots they are going to allow for 60 Days to 1k system so if you really want to succeed in online business reserve your spot on pre-launch period. As per the latest update this training program will be open only for one week.

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Overview of 60 Days to 1k

60 Days to 1k is a unique break-through Internet marketing training program that will exactly show you How to lucratively combine and leverage Content Publishing, Creating Authority Sites, Email Sales Funnels and Facebook to create long-lasting hands-off income streams. I got a full overview of this program and I have to say that 60 Days to 1k is extremely effective and this is unlike their previous program The Trinity Code, and there is no other course taught by anyone else before. In this program you can learn how to build your income streams that combine affiliate marketing, content publishing, email sales funnels AND Facebook. You can also get access to all the tools and softwares that Tim and his team used to make millions.

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What you get with 60 Days to 1k System

The 60 Days to 1k system goes around the following 4 phases:

  1. The Publishing Phase
  2. The Authority Site Phase
  3. The Email Funnel Phase
  4. The Facebook Phase

60 Days to 1k

Phase 1 – The Publishing Phase

In this initial phase you can learn how to stand with and “foothold” in a single niche and to establish yourself as a true authority in that niche. You’ll be guided with an easiest way to do via Kindle.

The Publishing Phase contains 23 comprehensive videos and a130 page user manual in PDF. Full demo will be given on How to publish content on Kindle and then expand it in other areas of publishing such as audible podcast and physical books. They also reveal the secrets on how to expand into completely untapped marketplaces such as foreign languages.

In this phase you can also see live how anyone can setup a Lucrative publishing income stream within 45 days just by using their unique publishing strategies. All without using the other three phases

Software Include in this Phase: Publishing Wizard

Phase 2 – The Authority Site Phase

In this next phase after publishing the book, It’s time to start building a mailing list and leverage repeated visitors and repeat purchases from your existing customer base.

This process starts with in addition of a high quality Authority Site.

The 3 initial objectives of Phase 2:

1. To showcase your products effectively
2. To collect your customer feedback
3. To deliver buyer bonuses (a main part of Phase 1).

Once all of these 3 objectives have been satisfied intially, the Authority Site which you have will be a key traffic generation tool that will result in more sales of your products, and more customers entering into your sales funnel.

In addition to this, you’ll also be able to sell other people’s products for a commission and leverage the traffic in a number of advanced ways (such as using re-targeting pixels)

Software and plugins Included in this phase:

  1. Prelaunch Page wordpress plugin
  2. Funnel Pro plugin

Phase 3 – The Email Funnel Phase

At this Phase 3 stage your Publications from Phase 1 and your Authority Site from Phase 2 are ready and will work away on auto-pilot to build a lucrative list of buyers.

It is simple and easy to achieve the initial goal for the Funnel Phase :

Addind 10 new subscribers every single day  into your Funnel
may not sound like a lot, Even this number is the “critical mass” that starts to quickly generate financial results. And at the time of 10 per day, it’s easy to ramp up to 50 or 100 per day in a shortest period of time.

This Phase 3 will not only allow you to make MORE sales of your Publications and Products, it’ll also allows you to easily sell other affiliate products anytime you want to including physical and digital products.

So Phase 3 is a BIG income booster, in fact it will typically boost your sales by around 30-40% by incorporating Phase 3 into the system.

Phase 3 is one of the important components of the entire system because it ensures long term stability of your business by building a huge network of people you’ll be able to sell to WITHOUT depending on anyone else.

Phase 4 – The Facebook Phase

This is the final phase of the 60 Days to 1k system, Once we finish up the first three phase we move on to Facebook. The objective of this Facebook phase is two fold.

  1. To drive massive traffic to your products and boost your exposure
  2. To increase your conversion rate

The Facebook Phase is all about building relationships with your existing customers of your products, and also the POTENTIAL users of your products.

Since you are building a trusted relationship, your products will sell more effectively, and you’ll have strong evidence of social proof to call on anytime you need a boost in sales, or anytime you launch a new product.

In this Phase 4 you’ll also drive targeted traffic to your Authority Site and your Publications using advanced Facebook advertising strategies.

>> Click here to watch the video overview of 60 Days to 1k

How the Training is delivered?

All members of the 60 Days to 1k will have lifetime access to a Members Area where all the training will be published.

The 60 Days to 1k training is delivered in three ways:

1. Via pre-made manuals
2. Via pre-made videos
3. Via live demonstration workshops

When people come into the program, they’ll have instant access to all of the Phase 1. Phase 1 details everything needed to generate income and start building an income stream.

Phases 2 to 4 are going to be delivered over a period of 8 weeks through live demonstration Workshops.

Pricing and One time offers:

Front End Main product: 60 Days to 1k Training priced $197

60 Days to 1k Platinum upgrade: $297

60 Days to 1k Silver Upgrade: $297 same as platinum but with payment plan


Comparing to the Trinity Code program 60 Days to 1k is worth buying so those who missed to join The Trinity code program can join this course and get the full benefit of the previous one.

Click the big button to join 60 Days to 1k right away:

60 Days to 1kGET INSTANT ACCESS TO 60 days to 1k

(Will be Launched on 12th May 2014)

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